London Residential Property Valuations

Valuations give you an accurate idea of the market value of a property – it should always be carried out by a RICS chartered surveyor.

As RICS Registered Valuation Surveyors, our expert team assess the value of any residential property in London. All our valuations adhere to the Red Book standard, which is the professional standard set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

There are a number of reasons why a valuation by a Chartered Surveyor might be needed. Chartered Surveyors provide an impartial, non-biased valuation of a property. Taking into account the property’s size, location, condition and a variety of other factors, our valuation can help inform selling decisions, assist with divorce/separation settlements, or help when dealing with probate.

Our Residential Property Valuations can be carried out across London. Our completely independent and impartial team of qualified surveyors will assess your property before sending you a valuation report.

What Types Of Valuation Do You Provide?

Our team of experts regularly provide the following valuation services across London:

  • Independent valuations for investors, homebuyers or property owners
  • Valuations for probate, capital gains (including non-UK residents) and inheritance tax
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Leasehold extension and enfranchisement
  • Valuations for shared ownership and staircasing
  • RICS Help To Buy Valuations
  • Reinstatement cost assessments
  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Valuations for divorce settlements or separations/co-ownership

We’ve provided a little more information on our most common valuations below:

Valuations 1

Probate Valuation

As part of applying for probate, you need to value the money, property and possessions (‘estate’) of the person who’s died. Valuations for probate are legally required by HM Revenue and Customs in order to establish the value of a property as part of a deceased person’s estate. The valuation must reflect the current market value at the time of death. You don’t need to value the estate straight away after someone dies. There are only deadlines if the estate owes Inheritance Tax.

Matrimonial Valuation

Often the matrimonial home has to be valued as part of the divorce or separation. A report will need to be prepared by an RICS Registered Valuer who will determine the market value of the property in question. The valuation can be undertaken on behalf of one of the parties, or alternatively, both parties can jointly instruct a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a valuation of the property.

Mortgage Valuation

Mortgage valuations can give you an idea of whether you are paying too much (or too little!) for a property. The mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the mortgage lender. It is designed to give enough information for the lender to decide whether the property is safe to lend on, and up to what amount. You should not rely solely on a valuation if you are purchasing a property. You also need to consider instructing your surveyor to conduct a building survey or home buyers report.

Leasehold Extension

A lease extension valuation calculates the amount you need to pay your freeholder to add an additional number of years to your current lease term. The owner does not have to occupy the property but must be the registered owner for at least 2 years.

Currently, leaseholders of houses can only extend their lease once for 50 years with a ground rent, but leaseholders of flats can extend as often as they wish at a zero ground rent for 90 years. Proposed reforms will allow both house and flat owners to extend their lease to 990 years. 

Freehold Valuation

This valuation is for leaseholders who want to either buy the freehold or buy a share of freehold.  A Freehold Valuation is important to leaseholders seeking to either extend their leases by 90 years or to participate in a collective enfranchisement where they buy the freehold together and then grant themselves new 999 year leases

Shared Ownership Valuation

Shared Ownership Valuations are conducted by our RICS registered valuers to provide an impartial and independent assessment of the market value for sale or purchase of a shared ownership property. Our Valuations will assess the whole value of the property, before determining the percentage split, usually between homeowners and Housing Associations.

Which Areas Do You Cover?

From our offices in Islington and Fulham, our property valuations team covers the whole London area – including Central London, South East, South West and North London.
View a full list of our locations here.

Commercial Property Valuations

If you’re a commercial property owner or a property investor, our RICS registered valuers can provide Freehold Valuations and Leasehold Extension Valuations. As with all of our Valuations and property surveys, our views are always entirely independent and impartial, assessing the property and market conditions without bias.