Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having surveyed thousands of London properties, here are the answers to some of the questions our customers ask us most on house surveys and valuations.


Which home survey should I choose?

There are three levels of the RICS home surveys: the Condition Report (level 1), the HomeBuyer Report (level 2) and the Building Survey (level 3).

The best property survey for your situation depends on the age and condition of the property, as well as what you have planned for it. The surveys vary in how much technical detail and advice they give you, and in how in-depth the survey inspection is.

For more information, take a look at our home survey comparison table.

What does a home survey cost?

We can’t give you an exact price until we have more details about your property. Our condition reports start from £300, our home buyer reports from £550, and our building surveys from £750.
Send us details of your property using our Get a Quote form, or call us and we can give you an accurate cost for the survey.

What is the benefit of using a RICS chartered surveyor?

​Being registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) means that we’re fully committed to providing our clients with expert advice that is clear, accurate and in their best interests. We have been registered since the inception of the registered valuers scheme in 2013.

We are strictly regulated and have to follow the RICS rules of conduct and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in our industry. Also, when you use a registered chartered surveyor, you can take any serious complaints to the Ombudsman scheme.

A RICS qualified surveyor will have the characters MRICS, AssocRICS, or FRICS after their name. They undergo extensive training and are highly experienced, making them extremely qualified and trusted to carry out your survey.

All RICS surveyors must carry professional indemnity insurance which protects you in cases of professional negligence.

RICS surveyors provide peace of mind for you when making decisions about property.

My mortgage lender requires a valuation; do I need a home survey too?

There is a difference between the valuation that a mortgage lender requires, and a home survey. A mortgage valuation simply assures the mortgage lender that the market value of the house is not less than the amount they’re lending you. A valuation doesn’t include an assessment of the services or potential maintenance issues that could land a buyer with unexpected costs after they have bought a property. A homebuyer typically faces a £5,750 repair fill when they move into their new home.

There are three different levels of home survey to choose from. Before you decide, read Which property survey do I need?

Can any chartered surveyor value my property?
No. We have been registered since the inception of the registered valuers scheme in 2013.
Do I need a home valuation if I’m getting a HomeBuyer Report?
No, you don’t need a separate property valuation if you’re getting a HomeBuyer Report for the property. The HomeBuyer Report already includes a valuation and a reinstatement value (for insurance purposes).
How long does it take to get a home survey or valuation?
We can usually complete your survey or valuation report within a week of you accepting our quote.
Do I need to organise access to the property if I’m a buyer?
We will liaise with your estate agent or the property owner to get access to the property. All we need from you is your details.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, as RICS registered chartered surveyors we have insurance which will compensate you should we miss any serious issue in our home surveys.
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