RICS Homebuyer Report In London

A Homebuyer’s Survey is designed to help you make a well-informed decision about purchasing a property in London. It is sometimes also referred two as a Level Two survey. It can help you to assess whether you’re paying a fair price as well as minimise the risk of unexpected issues and costs arising in the future.

Homebuyers Report

Is a RICS Homebuyer Report Right For Me?

We recommend the RICS Homebuyer’s Survey if:

  • The property appears to be in reasonable condition
  • It’s less than 100 years old
  • It hasn’t already been significantly altered
  • It’s built in a common style with conventional materials
  • You don’t want to make major alterations

If you aren’t sure if the RICS Homebuyer’s Survey is right for you, visit our RICS Property Survey Comparison here.

Why Do I Need A RICS Homebuyer Report?

Buying a property in London can be stressful, but the RICS Homebuyer’s Survey helps to reduce the risks associated with purchasing your new home.

A number of standard-setting and consumer protection organisations (including Which? and The Council of Mortgage Lenders) recommend seeking an independent home survey before committing to a property purchase.

What Does A RICS Homebuyer Report Contain?

The RICS Homebuyer’s Survey identifies any serious defects or problems with the property, and any potential legal issues that you may want your solicitor to investigate. It also advises on any future maintenance issues that may arise, so that you can make informed financial planning decisions.

After conversations with our Survey advisors, one of our Chartered Surveyors will inspect the property and compile a RICS Homebuyer’s Survey Report. The Report systematically covers the key elements of the building, flagging any issues that may require further investigation, and follows best practice guidelines issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). You can find a RICS Homebuyer’s Survey Report Sample here.

The RICS Homebuyer’s Survey can also include a market valuation, to determine if you’re paying a reasonable price, and a reinstatement value that you’ll need for insurance purposes. Reinstatement value is the cost it would take to rebuild your property if necessary. A market valuation and reinstatement cost assessment can be added to your survey for a small, additional fee. 

What Does A RICS Homebuyer Report Cost?

The full inspection and production of the RICS Homebuyer’s Survey Report starts from £750 + VAT. The final cost depends largely on the size of the property and its location.

How Long Does A RICS Homebuyer Report Take?

After a full inspection of your property by one of our Chartered Surveyors, our RICS Homebuyer’s Survey Report is usually available for your consideration within a week of the inspection.

Why Choose Barnes & Barnes For Your RICS Homebuyer Report?

As independent, RICS-accredited surveyors, we’re committed to always providing clear, impartial and expert advice. If you have any particular concerns about the property prior to our survey, we will address these fully, and you can discuss any questions you have about the RICS Homebuyer’s Survey Report after you receive it.

At every stage, you’ll deal with a friendly, efficient and impartial team, who are here to help reduce the pressures and stress of buying a home.

Our aim throughout the process is to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision about buying a new home, and to make this part of the buying process as smooth, straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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Report of the surveys was clear and thorough. The report was delivered on time as well.

J Guntoro - July 2022 4 Stars
J Guntoro - July 2022

Thorough, efficient, and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Barnes and Barnes, the process was effortless.

K Shah - August 2022 5 Stars
K Shah - August 2022

If you have any doubts get a professional eye involved. Important issues were highlighted which could have been quite costly. Very detailed report containing pictures. Great service.

A C - July 2022 5 stars
A C - July 2022

Grant highlighted that there are serious issues with a property that we were not aware of, we did not proceed. We learnt later on that had we proceeded with the transaction, it would have a huge financial impact on us.

C Harrison - July 2022 5 Stars
C Harrison - July 2022

Great service and quality, very informed response. With reporting. Prompt at carrying out the survey. Good response times when calling or emailing.

M Rahman - July 2022 4.5 Stars
M Rahman - July 2022

Grant Barnes did an excellent job on our level three building survey. He was on time, very thorough, and provided excellent follow up. Would highly recommend.

L Goldsworth - June 2022 5 stars
L Goldsworth - June 2022

Very happy with the overall quality and value of our Homebuyers Report from Barnes and Barnes, with a timely follow-up call with our surveyor also much appreciated. Friendly approach from all staff, and our surveyor answered our questions in detail with helpful explanations of technical terms where needed in the call. Would highly recommend.

M Owens - June 2022 5 Stars
M Owens - June 2022

Really thrilled with the service from Barnes and Barnes, I had a full structural survey and they were super prompt, thorough and helpful with a follow up call.

G McCooke - May 2022 5 stars
G McCooke - May 2022

Extremely thorough, very responsive and super helpful. We are in the process of buying a victorian house and Grant’s level 3 survey is a must to get a comprehensive view of what we’re getting into. Well worth it.

Sem H - March 22 5 Stars
Sem H - March 22

Very efficient and helpful over the phone. I strongly recommend as they take the time to talk you through the process, especially if you are a new home buyer like myself. Thank you for all your help!!

Carlo G - March 22 5 Stars
Carlo G - March 22
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