How to Get Your House Sold : 8 Top Tips

Selling Your House
How to get your house sold 8 top tips interior of flat

Are you looking to sell your home? Is your house on the market, but you’ve had no offers? How can you make sure you get your house sold?

We all know that selling our homes and moving to a new house can be stressful and overwhelming. Especially if you’ve lived in your home for a long time. A much-loved family home can often be bursting to the seams with stuff! This stuff holds lovely memories for you, but if it is cluttering up a buyer’s vision of living in this house it will stop you from selling and moving on to the next chapter.

When it comes to selling our homes and moving house we often don’t think about what we need to do before we put our house on the market, or what support we will have during this time.

Organising and decluttering your house before you sell is known to have a big impact on the perceptions of potential buyers.

We’ve teamed up with Professional Home Organiser and Declutter Expert, Joanne Harte, from Systematic Homes  to provide you with eight top tips to organise your home and maximise the value potential buyers see.

  1. Declutter and smarten up : Clearing the clutter will make your home feel bigger and help people to see themselves living there. Having lots of stuff, even furniture around, will make the space seem so much smaller.
  2. Depersonalise: All your lovely things are special to you, but packing some away will help potential buyers to see themselves living there. In bedrooms and bathrooms pop personal things in the bedside drawer or bathroom cabinet.
  3. Sell, donate or store: If you’re downsizing take this opportunity to sell or donate things you won’t need. Why pay to move it? Otherwise, look at getting stuff packed and into storage.
  4. Give each room a function: The dumping ground, that used to be the box bedroom, make it into a functioning room; an office, chill out space, anything, just don’t let it be a room no one can see being useful.
Before define your space
  1. Freshen up: When we are selling a home we don’t want to spend loads of money on it, but a fresh lick of paint or getting carpets cleaned will work wonders for getting the best market value for your home and fast.
  2. Get some curb appeal: You don’t need to do a whole garden makeover, but cutting back bushes and trees, a good declutter of the garden, adding a few pots or hanging baskets and getting any rubbish to the tip will make a big difference
  3. Get writing your lists : It is all in the planning. What rooms need decluttering, what can go into storage, what can be sold, who will you need to support this journey, professional organiser, estate agent, solicitor, surveyor? Look for support and guidance. The more you do before you put your house on the market the better.
  4. Labels: Use clear labels on everything, it will reduce stress when you do come to unpack
Labelling to help you unpack 1
Labelling to help you unpack 2

If you’re looking for support to organise and declutter Systematic Homes can help. They offer online and hands-on support to get you ready for your new start.

Joanne Harte founded Systematic Homes in 2017. Her passion for supporting people to have less stressful lives, especially at busy times like selling and moving house, has been the driving force behind her business. Systematic Homes offers a range of services both online and in house. Joanne and Systematic Homes aim is to reduce stress for their clients and take them from overwhelmed to organised. As one happy client recently said “ Joanne takes care of me and my home”

Joanne Harte Systematic Homes

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