RICS HomeBuyer and Property Surveys in South West London

Barnes & Barnes are accredited valuers and independent chartered surveyors. We conduct home surveys and property valuations across South West London. We have an excellent knowledge of the South West London boroughs and the properties that you find here.

Our services to residential and commercial property clients include:

  • RICS Condition Reports
  • RICS Homebuyer Reports
  • RICS Building Surveys
  • Party Wall Surveyors
  • Commercial Property Building Surveys
  • Property Valuations
AREAS WE COVER - South West London
Brixton SW2
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Richmond upon Thames TW10
Whether you are buying a modern riverside apartment in Battersea, Barnes or Putney, a Georgian terrace in Balham or Earlsfield, or a comfortable family home in Richmond, Wimbledon or Raynes Park, our surveys and reports can give you the impartial information you need on the property value, rental value and the condition of your chosen home.

From our offices in Brixton, we also cover south east and central London and the SW postcodes north of the river – Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham.

With South West London property prices as they are, you often need to be able to move quickly and make big decisions fast. We respond speedily to quote requests, and being a relatively small team, we can also respond to any specific requirements you have. Alert us to any concerns you have before we visit, and if you have questions about your final condition report, homebuyer report, building survey or property valuation, we will be available to talk you through them.

We can liaise directly with the property manager or estate agent to arrange access if necessary, and will get your home buyers report, structural survey or valuation to you within 5 working days of visiting the property.

It’s a part of our customer promise to make the survey and valuation process as simple and easy as possible, because we know that buying a property in South West London can be a stressful experience.

Our Services

RICS Condition Report
The RICS Condition Report is the most inexpensive of our home surveys. It is most appropriate for London properties in reasonable condition which were built from the 1980s onwards.

We recommend the RICS Condition Report if:

  • The property you want to buy appears to be in reasonable condition   AND
  • It’s built in a common style with conventional materials   AND
  • It’s less than 30 years old   AND
  • It hasn’t already been altered significantly   AND
  • You don’t want to make major alterations  AND


RICS HomeBuyer Report
A homebuyer’s survey is designed to help you make a well-informed decision about buying a property. It can help you assess whether you’re paying a fair price, and minimise the risk of unexpected problems and costs in the future.
(This survey report used to be known as a Homebuyers Survey and Valuation, or an HSV.)

We recommend the RICS HomeBuyer Report if:

  • The property you want to buy appears to be in reasonable condition
  • It’s less than 100 years old
  • It hasn’t already been significantly altered
  • It’s built in a common style with conventional materials
  • You don’t want to make major alterations
RICS Building Survey
A RICS Building Survey is the most detailed of our home surveys. It is designed to give you a thorough assessment of the structure, condition and construction of a property, as well as technical advice on fixing any problems.
(This survey report used to be known as a structural survey.)

We recommend the RICS Building Survey if:

  • The property is in poor condition OR
  • It’s more than 100 years old OR
  • It’s built using unconventional methods or materials OR
  • It’s already been significantly altered or extended OR
  • You want to make major alterations to the property
Party Wall Surveyors
As a regulated firm of Chartered Surveyors we regularly deal with party wall matters in varying complexity for both building owners and adjoining owners.

Your Party Wall specialists

  • Our dedicated Party Wall Surveyor is qualified to advise you on a range of different Party Wall issues you may be experiencing regarding your property


Commercial Services
Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals:
Barnes & Barnes are able to negotiate lease renewals and rent reviews for landlords and tenants.

These services include the following:

  • An assessment of rental value
  • Negotiations
  • Third party determination


London Residential Property Valuations
As RICS registered valuation surveyors, we can assess the value of any residential property in London. All our valuations meet the Red Book standard, which is the professional standard set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

We regularly provide:

  • Independent valuations for investors, home buyers or property owners
  • Valuations for probate, capital gains (including non UK residents) and inheritance tax
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Leasehold extension and enfranchisement
  • Valuations for shared ownership and Staircasing
  • Valuations for help to buy
  • Reinstatement cost assessments
  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Valuations for divorce settlements or separations/co-ownership



Which home survey do I need?

We offer all three levels of the RICS home surveys: the Condition Report (level 1), HomeBuyer Report (level 2) and the Building Survey (level 3).

The best property survey for your situation depends on the age and condition of the property, as well as what you have planned for it. The surveys vary in how much technical detail and advice they give you, and in how in-depth the survey inspection is.

No matter which RICS home survey you choose, it will give you insight into the condition of a property before you make a final decision on whether to buy it or not. We’ve created this RICS survey comparison table to help you assess which survey is best for you.

Still not sure which survey you need?

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Is this the right survey for me?

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